Web Advertising

Your market presence is based on what you offer and how good your service/product is. But your customers need to be aware on where to reach you. And that is where Web Advertising and Marketing come into the picture. 

Web or online advertising is context driven and more focused than advertising on TV, radio or billboard. What this means is, if you use the web you have a greater chance of reaching the right target audience rather than wasting resources on places your market is minimum or negligible.

There are many reliable players in web advertising. Google with its Adwords solution is the leading player. It allows you to advertise your services now only on various relevant websites but also on the search engine results page (SERP). So if a customer searches for Chinese restaurants in Mumbai, Google will put links to an advertiser’s Chinese restaurant outlet on the SERP.

Similarly Yahoo and Microsoft Advertising have a whole network of websites where you can find your target audience. Amazon is the biggest online retailer for books and other products. If you are into selling products Amazon can be a great option to advertise. Indiatimes and Rediff are major Indian players in online advertising and both own a network of content rich portals. Adbrite is increasingly becoming more popular with its simple and effective advertising options. Most of the advertisers mentioned above support text, flash and video advertising giving you various options to choose from. Some advertisers like Vdopia are dedicated to video advertising..There are myriad solutions and options available.

We’re sure this all sounds confusing. But you can just leave it to us! At Huge H, we understand your web advertising requirements, tailor it according to your needs and suggest the right solution. You pay for services you really need and not for the entire gamut available. Our clients come from small to medium businesses to big multi-national companies. So whoever you are, wherever you are, if you have a product, service or an idea that needs advertising and marketing let us know and we will be glad to guide you through the various options. Click here to write to us or contact us.